I’m starting a new adventure into discussing Christianity and Atheism.
“Why?” You ask…

It’s Obvious

Ok, I’m going to just say.  Not to offend, or draw a line in the sand, or look like a know-it-all.  But I’ll say it, just to inspire conversation.

It’s obvious, it really is.  The existence of God is overwhelmingly obvious.  I’ll even go a step further and say that the identity of God is the Christian God of the Bible, and that’s obvious too.

The truly unfortunate thing is, if you don’t already realize this, its likely because you refuse to realize it, and you’re probably going to stop reading abour right now.  But if you’re open-minded enough to consider the possibility of God…

Why You Should Keep Reading
What Will It Take From You?
God Loves Science, And Science Loves God


Why Christianity is my ramblings regarding why I believe what I believe.  It has been quite a heartbreaking road for me and I think you may find this interesting.

Beginners Online Bible Study is my feeble attempt to help beginners learn to read the Bible.  It starts with a series of posts about the Bible and how it is structured etc.  Then we start to  read through Matthew and John and I hope to continue to do this.  After each reading I’ll point out what God says to me through that passage and end with a little scriptural prayer.


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